About Laura


I am an ardent creative, with my toes (sometimes much more) dipped into several artistic fields. I have been interested in photography for over twenty years, but started taking it more seriously eleven years ago. I graduated from Concordia University in 2009 with a BFA focused in photography, painting, and drawing. Directly following Concordia, I attended LaSalle College, graduating in 2011 with degrees in both Beauty and Special FX makeup artistry.

Several years later, I became interested in yoga. In 2017 I became a 200hr registered Hatha yoga teacher through Rama Lotus Yoga Centre. In 2018, I continued my yoga training with a 40hr Yin course at Pure Yoga (Ottawa). I also recently attained a Microblading certification from Gina’s College, and will be working at Rebecca Rose Beauty soon. I also juggle several other jobs - freelance photography, teaching corporate yoga part-time, and painting with oil and watercolour (painting is more a passion than anything, though).

I’ve always sought out work where I can be of service, helping others feel better. If I’m fortunate, sharing a meaningful connection with my clients is the best reward.

I currently live in Gatineau Quebec, Canada with my husband Phil and our two feline furbabies, Ares and Onyx.

More of my work and tidbits of my life can be seen on: